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“I’ve had lots of fun in my racing sessions! The simulators are responsive, which makes for fast and exciting driving.
I look forward to bringing more friends to join a tournament!”


“A great place for anyone wanting to do some racing. The Virtual Reality headset paired with using the motion simulators really makes you feel like you are actually in the race car on world famous tracks. I didn’t get motion sickness like I have with the ps4 VR, the resolution and frame rates of these rigs really do a good job of making it feel natural. The immersion makes it easier to race as well because you get the same field of veiw and perspective as driving in the real world. Definitely will become a regular customer.”


“I’ve driven cars on race circuits and on parking lots for auto cross, tried my hands on professional simulation and arcade, but never a blend of both, definitely never in VR. It does take some time to get used to but when fully immersed, the experience is unbelievably realistic. From the motion actuators to the feedback of the steering, it is configurable to suite your style/ experience.

Best of all, the staff is knowlegeable and very accomodating, if you are looking for a fun racing experience or a full on race session, they can cater, you might even beat a laptime or two.”


TracksVR houses 12 full motion virtual-reality powered cockpits for the ultimate in casual or competitive performance racing.
Each race car is equipped with industrial-grade robotic actuators that can translate movement to the cockpit up to 140 times per second! Complimenting each cockpit is a Thrustmaster force-feedback steering wheel and highly responsive pedals. You will feel every bump of the track, slip of the tire, and the sensation of G-forces for every turn.

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TracksVR has chosen the best physics software and hardware available on the market to give you the most authentic and immersive racing experience available.

Whether it’s Formula, Stock, Karts, or GT3, TracksVR has it all! Featuring full day to night transitions, full live weather cycles, a dynamic and responsive track surface which behaves realistically to the temperature and how much rubber has been laid down by other cars. Play between friends or play against computer generated opponents of various difficulties! 

TracksVR is capable of monitoring dynamic aero calculations, comprehensive tire models with flat spots, deformation and deflection, and tracks built from scratch, ensuring that every detail is covered from surface aberrations to trackside objects, to multiple camera views.