Canada’s Largest Racing Centre


TracksVR is now open! From Wednesday to Friday from 5-9 PM and Saturday/Sunday from 12-4pm, you can come in and purchase a piece of TracksVR merchandise. We have TracksVR branded masks, hats and shirts available. We also offer product testing of our race simulators with the purchase of a piece of merchandise. We would like to thank all our customers for their support during this time and look forward to seeing YOU in a beautiful piece of TracksVR merchandise.

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TracksVR uses the combination of full motion simulator and virtual-reality to immerse you in the drivers seat of a race car.  With your hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals you’ll feel like you’re there!

Located in Calgary our 3,000sq/ft  venue is home to 12 mixed-reality cockpits.  Whether you prefer Formula, GT3, Touring, or Karts TracksVR can put you on one of our 50+ world famous tracks in the car of your choice.