TracksVR Intro to Racing

The Perfect Introduction to Virtual Racing
$ 69
  • The intro experience can take up to 60 minutes and include a tutorial
  • Start with 5-10 laps on the Indianapolis Oval
  • Move to a road course for up to 10 laps of practice AND a 10 lap race
  • Learn about telemetry data, what it is, where to find it, and why you should care
  • Ask for More Time!!

TracksVR Intro to Formula 1

The Perfect Experience for F1 Fans
$ 69
  • 60 Minutes of Formula 1 Racing
  • All 21 tracks on the F1 calendar and more to choose from!
  • Start with a practice, then move to a race against your friends and AI opponents
  • Compare telemetry against other drivers to see where you can improve
  • Compete for circuit records on our leaderboard!

TracksVR Hotlap Session

Compete for Leaderboard Prestige
$ 34
  • 30 Minute Hotlap Session
  • Large selection of track/car combinations to choose from
  • Time, Telemetry, and Leaderboard recorded and viewable online
  • Put down a time on our monthly track/car combination
  • Qualify for our month end event

TracksVR Flat 60

60 Minutes of Pure Adrenaline
$ 69
  • 60 Minutes of Racetime
  • Your choice of Hotlaps or a single Full Race (Practice, Qualify, Win)
  • The Pit Crew will help choose a car/track combination
  • Personal Telemetry Analysis and Recommendations
  • Only pay for your time on track

TracksVR Four on the Floor

Four friends, 60 minutes, One Winner
$ 249
  • Practice, Qualify and Race side by side against your friends in Virtual Reality
  • Personal Telemetry Analysis and Recommendations
  • Additional drivers only $62
  • Your group pays $62 per person up to 10 people

These prices are available during walk-in hours only. 

*Prices apply on a per person basis up to groups of 10 people.  For groups of 10 or more people please see group pricing

For more information on Groups and Events click here.