We don’t have a minimum age rather a minimum height.   In order to reach the pedals racers will need to be at least 4’4″.  It is also HIGHLY recommended that each racer have used or experienced graduated pedals like what you would find in any car/truck/SUV/kart.

Experience will certainly help but ultimately experience is not required.  Our pit crew will help guide you through the session and get you to grips with how to handle a race car.

Not a problem! This isn’t a video game. Although we use some similar technology this is race simulation.  The software is actually designed to mimic the way these cars drive and handle in the real world on a real track.  With the VR headsets we are able to put you right into the driver’s seat of cars that everyday people don’t have access to.

TracksVR offers full immersion race simulation.  You will be seated in one of our ‘pods’ pictured here.  The software tells the seat how to move, forward/backward/side to side, as you drive around the track.  Every shift, brake, and bump that the car would feel in real life will be translated to the simulator. You will use the wheel and pedals much like your street car to control the vehicle, remember that these controls act like real racing wheels/pedals, they are not buttons.  Finally the VR headset will immerse you into the car virtually where you will BE the driver and can see the track and other cars from the cockpit.

This depends on how long you want to race for.  To see full details on pricing options please visit our Pricing  page.

This depends entirely on your ability and where experience will be a factor.  The more experience you have had with racing or simulators the longer you will be able to race.  However, unless we have a booking or an event you can race for as much time as you would like to pay for.

We have a large catalogue of different car classes including GT3, Formula 1, GT Endurance, Touring, NASCAR, and Indy Car.  Within each class we have dozens of cars to choose from.  With your first visit with us we will put you into a car you can be successful in. To find out more about our selection of cars and tracks CLICK HERE.
Our catalogue of tracks has well over 50+ real world tracks from all around the world.  To continue to improve our customer experience we continue to add and test new tracks monthly. To see our complete selection of cars and tracks CLICK HERE.

Every month our pit crew will choose a track and car combination to feature as part of our ‘hotlapping’ competition.  A hotlap is when a driver tries to get the fastest lap possible in the feature car on the chosen track.  At TracksVR we end each month of hotlapping with a month end race event where drivers will compete in one final race to claim first overall for the month. Throughout the month drivers will endeavor to set the best lap time they can in order to qualify for our month end race event.  Knowing is half the battle, and so we offer a comprehensive leaderboard with live analytics to help you and all other drivers track placement, the time to beat, and the telemetry to do that.

Check out our Leaderboard to find out the monthly track/car and current results.

The short answer, not unless you want to.  A lot of people will come in with friends and/or family to race with, but for anyone who comes in solo we have a great community and it is up to you if you want to drive solo or ask if others want to race with you.

A number of factors will dictate this including group size, how many breaks taken, questions, etc. For a 30 minute Intro Package you can expect for it to take up to 35 minutes, this includes our 2 minute tutorial.  Return customers will only need to watch the tutorial again if they bring in new drivers.  Larger groups coming in for an hour can usually expect to be in the venue approximately 1 and half hours.