Welcome to TracksVR!

Searching for a way to combine his love of cars, racing, and virtual reality, Howard Trawick envisioned a venue that would share that same love and passion with people in the Calgary area.  May 2018 TracksVR opened for the first time putting experienced racers, and new comers to the sport, behind the wheel for a truly immersive experience.  

Putting the technology of virtual reality together with 12 full motion racing simulators, Howard has created the LARGEST virtual reality racing venue in Canada.  TracksVR has the space, the technology, and the excellent customer service to make for a truly unique destination.

TracksVR is the perfect venue for:

  • Corporate Team Building
  • Pre-Wedding Festivities
  • Birthdays

Come down and experience the thrill for yourself.

Our world class pit crew is looking forward to your next visit!